July 13 – HOT!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

at 2:00pm CDT

It’s hot! Yesterday we hit 99.5 degrees here on my backyard weather station with a morning low of 79.3 and an average dew point during the day of 73.6 degrees. This resulted in a maximum ‘heat index’ of 110. This morning the low was going to be about 80 until some early morning sprinkles and thunder dropped the temperature to 75 and we got 0.02 inches of rain. But that was not enough to stop the automatic sprinklers or the air conditioning, which is running 24/7 now. Currently at 2 PM it is 91 degrees with a dew point of 76, yielding a ‘heat index’ of 102. It’s hot!

at 5:32pm CDT

Maxed out today at 93 with a dew point of 78 at 4:42 PM, yielding a ‘heat index’ of 109. It appears thunderstorms are about to move in from the Topeka area where a flood advisory has been issued after a week of dry weather. The temperature has dropped to 89 but with a dew point of 79! How high will that dew point go before the storms move in (or bypass)?

at 7:35pm CDT

Classic near miss! Storm started moving more southward and missed to the south. Two inches of rain fell in about an hour in Topeka (2.06 north Topeka airport, 1.42 south Topeka airport) but I only got a tenth of an inch in my bucket up to 7 PM, though additional light rain is developing behind the main line of storms, as is often the case. Impressive gust front (temperature dropped to a comfortable 72) and roll clouds and, due to the intense buildup of clouds to the west, it got very dark. There was also a little very close lightning, but precipitation (the most important thing) was lacking. We could have used a good one-inch dousing, as it is been dry and very warm for the last week. Such is the wacky world of summer thunderstorms – just when it looks like you can’t miss, you miss!



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