July 13 Shelf Cloud Storm

Storm of July 13, 2017

Lawrence amounts were pretty uniform, ranging from 0.18 to my 0.27 amount on the ‘high’ end. Some nice amounts to the south of town in rural Douglas County, the farther south the better.  Also much higher amounts both to the west in Shawnee County and to the East in Johnson County.

Amounts are in the 24 hour period ending around 7 AM on July 14. I recorded 0.27 inches from the event, as seen on the Douglas County Map.

The storm was impressive as it pushed in from the Topeka area and featured a dramatic shelf cloud, but then it started pushing southeastward and passed mainly to the south of Lawrence before continuing on eastward into Johnson County.


Shelf cloud pushes out ahead of storm – looking southwest across Clinton Parkway.


Turbulent cool outflow clouds behind shelf cloud, looking south from the Rotary Arboretum.


Looking east at the eastward advancing shelf cloud from the Rotary Arboretum.


Developing storm right over Topeka and taking aim towards Lawrence – or so it appears..


Main part of storm pushes southeast with a warning for Ottawa.  Lawrence lies in the split!


Storm intensifies just east of Lawrence as it pushes into the south KC metro and an area of light to moderate rain pushes in behind, bringing the vast majority of Lawrence’s rainfall.


Much heavier rainfall south, west and east of Lawrence!


Rainfall amounts for Topeka, with a 3.5-inch measurement just southeast of Topeka and a relatively short distance west of Lawrence, as the storm stalled in that area before heading southeastward as depicted in the above radar images.


Heavy amounts of rainfall in central Johnson County as well.


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