July 22 Monster


More on the monster storm of July 22nd..

Winds were said to have reached 70 – 80 MPH in much of the KC Metro. Lets have a look at some surface data:

Downtown Kansas City Airport reported at 10:14 PM winds from the WSW at 37 gusting to 61 MPH. Winds only gradually subsided over the next half hour.

New Century Airport in Olathe, on the southwest edge of the metro, or about 25 miles east-southeast of Lawrence, had a sustained period of winds gusting from 45 to 50 MPH from 9:16 PM until 10:30 PM when winds peaked at 56 MPH. Such a sustained period with winds of this magnitude is remarkable.

The Lawrence Airport reported winds of 37 to 39 MPH from 9:32 PM to 10 PM, though winds remained light throughout the event at our residence.  However, the airport is in open country just northeast of town and 6.5 miles to the northeast of our residence, which is located in the southwest part of the city.

At Kansas City International Airport, on the northwest edge of metro KC, winds only briefly gusted to 34 MPH at 10:24 PM. The NWS put a wind velocity map from the doppler radar and a little statement, which I include and annotate below.


From the NWS:  “Strong Winds Hit Kansas City”
“A significant severe weather event impacted the greater Kansas City Metro on the evening of Saturday July 22nd. The picture shows radar estimated winds from the Pleasant Hill Doppler radar at 9:52 PM. Notice the bright whites across portions of Johnson County, KS. At this time, wind gusts of up to 80 mph were reported in De Soto and Lenexa. This corridor or strong winds then pushed eastward across southern portions of the Metro, before continuing all the way east through the remainder of the Pleasant Hill forecast area. Wind gusts of 70 mph were commonly reported as this activity pushed eastward into western and central Missouri.” 
I have outlined the gust front at this time (dashed line) and annotated. Lawrence is located on the left edge of the image. The main gust front pushed right into the core area of the city and into several prestigious old neighborhoods as well as broad middle class areas.

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