T-18 Hours to Totality


7:15 PM CDT – High clouds increase across Kansas with plenty of moisture and scattered storms over the 4-corners states and northern Mexico.  There is also a pretty strong looking system that extends from the Pacific Northwest to Montana.  As this upper level energy in the westerlies moves across the northern plains, it could act on the approaching moisture from the southwest.  Indeed, the NWS has issued a flash flood watch for northeast Kansas for tomorrow evening.


7:15 PM CDT Visual Image –  This is about the most widespread surge of moisture from the south over the 4-corners states I have seen this summer.  This plentiful supply of mid and upper level moisture is poised to start moving across the central plains in ernest tomorrow. 


Meanwhile, plenty of mid and high level moisture associated with the upper wave to the northwest is poised to move across the plains tomorrow, too. 


At the surface, a low pressure area deepens over southeast Colorado and western Kansas, drawing very rich air (lots of low-level moisture) northward from the Gulf of Mexico, with an east-west surface trough near the Kansas – Nebraska border.


The dew-point map at 6 PM CDT, showing very moist 75-degree plus dew point air moving across eastern Kansas on into eastern Nebraska.  In Lawrence at this time the temperature was 90 and the dew point 78 degrees.   That combination results in a ‘heat index’ of 112.  Anyway, there is plenty of low level moisture pushing in, as well.  Bottom line, it will be a small miracle if we see the eclipse event tomorrow.

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