Post Eclipse Storm – A Major Rainfall Event

During the late evening following the eclipse a major rainfall event occurred in the Lawrence area in the form of a several hour long series of ‘training’ thunderstorms that lasted most of the overnight hours of August 21st-22nd.  When all was said and done, 4 to 8 inch rain totals prevailed from the Topeka area eastward across the Lawrence and Kansas City area.


Remarkably widespread very heavy precipitation amounts in the 24-hour period ending at 8 AM, Tuesday, August 22nd.  This good-looking graphic is courtesy of the NWS office in Pleasant Hill (Kansas City).


NWS Topeka graphic of the event.  Wow!  What else can one say?


Somewhere in Douglas County.. Tweeted from the Douglas County Sheriffs Department and copied from the Lawrence Journal-World web site from their article of 8/22/17 on the storm event.  


Douglas County CoCoRaHS 24-hour amounts ending 7 AM Tuesday, August 22, 2017.  Eight inches across southern Douglas County?  Not to be believed.  The 7-station Lawrence Average was 4.92 inches.  I reported 4.82 inches in my rain bucket.  The Lawrence Airport came in with 4.11 inches (a ‘lowball’ amount, as usual).  As heavy as amounts were in Lawrence, the city came in somewhat on the low side of what fell across most of the surrounding region.


Shawnee County and Topeka CoCoRaHS amounts:  Three to four inches across Topeka, but greater amounts of 4 to nearly 6 inches east of Topeka.  The Topeka Airport site, co-located with the NWS office on the northeast side of town, came in with 5.68 inches.   Forbes Field on the southeast side came in with 4.37 inches.


Not slouches up north, either!


Southwest of Lawrence and south of Topeka in Osage County:  When two inches plus seems like a low amount, you know you have a major rainfall event!  And 7.34 inches on the Lawrence end of of the county is downright competitive.


Around Ottawa in Franklin County, south of Lawrence.  Six inches plus in Ottawa.. and even more to the north toward Lawrence.  It boggles the mind!


Johnson County – Lenexa certainly didn’t miss again.  Johnson County Airport (OJC) came in with 5.45 inches.  New Century Airport (IXD) came in with 5.65 inches.


How about south of Johnson County?  Yes sir..



And on the Missouri side of the KC Metro?   Sure enough!

How did this come about?  Well, lets have a look at hourly radar images..


8 PM – Storms are firing up.. Topeka, Emporia and Leavenworth to Platte City already getting smacked good as the start of a wild night ensues.


7:50 PM  – Four minutes before the radar image above, Eclipse Day’s last sunlight hits storm clouds developing to the north of Lawrence.  Little did we know that over the course of the next 8 to 10 hours, from 3 to 9 inches of rain would drench a large swath of eastern Kansas and adjacent Missouri.


9 PM – North Lawrence getting in on the action now.


10 PM – Back-building around Topeka and moving eastward too.. Lawrence has gotten its first good dousing of the night over the past hour.


11 PM – Lawrence in the thick of it again.. and back-building to the vicinity of Manhattan.  KC generally getting pummeled.


Midnight – And the hits just keep on coming..


1 AM – Areas to the south of I-70 getting clocked now.


2 AM – And now, one more blast for Lawrence!  Who can sleep through this?  Not me.  Well, for an hour or two, maybe, and that’s probably a stretch.


3 AM – Still going strong but focusing more to the south of I-70 again..


4 AM – Could it be over for Topeka to Lawrence to KC?  Not quite, but almost..


5 AM – That’s all she wrote for Topeka to Lawrence to KC.. and its all surging southward, now.  So basically a 9 PM to 4:30 AM period of heavy thunderstorms for Lawrence.  Overall, it was a 7 to 8 hour period of torrential rain showers and continuous thunder for the entire Topeka to KC region, extending north and south 50 miles or more, too.


6 AM – On the wane and on southward it goes..


7 AM – Ground clutter pattern west and north.. a heck of an event.. and an eclipse, too.  It’s exhausting!






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