Once Again on Hurricane (Irma) Information

Thursday, September 7th:  If one does not want to waste a lot of time on endless chat in the mass media, the link below is by far the best vehicle I know of for the latest on the hurricane situation.   This regular article is updated frequently, this morning courtesy of Dr Jeff Masters, the founder of Weather Underground.  It gives all the latest pertinent information from somebody who actually knows what they are talking about and, of course, the latest forecast track:



From this morning’s Category Six piece at Weather Underground:  Image of three hurricanes in the Atlantic on Thursday, September 7, 2017: Cat 1 Katia (left), Cat 5 Irma (center), and Cat 3 Jose (right.) Image credit: NASA.


From this morning’s Category Six article on Weather Underground:   GOES-16 visible image of Hurricane Irma taken at 5:27 pm EDT September 7, 2017, with lightning strikes from the Global Lightning Mapper (GLM) instrument on GOES-16 overlaid. Image credit: U-Madison/CIMSS.

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