A Smoky Sunrise.. and Sunset on Sunday

Sunday, September 10th:  It’s back!  The smoke aloft, that is, although it is not as dense as a few days ago.  The smoke plus some inversions in the atmosphere tinted and refracted the early morning sunlight, making for an interesting sunrise this morning.  All the sunrise photos below were taken Sunday, September 10th, at Wells Overlook, just south of Lawrence.  This was also the day Hurricane Irma made landfall near Key West and then churned on across southwest Florida, pummeling the south half of the state.   Conditions are a bit more tranquil here in eastern Kansas. IMG_4507a



This morning’s Topeka weather balloon data at the same time – 7 AM of August 10th.  The red line is temperature and the green line dew point.  The multiple inversions and corresponding changes in humidity cause discontinuities in the atmosphere, which causes the sunlight to refract in various ways, resulting in the odd shapes of the sun as it rises just above the horizon.  Such discontinuities have a similar effect on radio waves (such as TV reception, radar transmissions, etc.) that cause the waves to get stuck in between layers of the atmosphere and/or bounce off of the discontinuities, causing ‘ducting layers’ that can effect your TV reception or radar systems.

Below are some photos of the sunset Sunday evening out at Clinton Lake.  Increasing smoke in layers aloft approach from the west..



Another Pleasant Valley Sunday comes to a close as the last of the sun sets below the horizon at Clinton Lake.

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