A Smoky Haze Continues Monday

Monday, September 11th:  Hazy skies, the result of smoke layers aloft originating from wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, continued and increased today, rendering a whitish and glaring quality to the sky.  However, these conditions offer interesting light in the early and late part of the day, particularly at sunrise and sunset.


At 7:15 PM, Monday, September 11th, about 20 minutes before sunset.  An erie reddish tinge silhouettes a kayaker on Clinton Lake.


An orange evening out on the water as the sun sets lower through layers of smoke in the western sky.  (The orange spot in the water is a lens artifact.)


The layers of smoke become more apparent as the sun drops closer to the western horizon.


7:27 PM – Nine minutes until official sunset.


What planet is this again?


The name of your planet is Urantia!  (That is an obscure reference from the group Spirit off the  1976 ‘Spirit of 76’ Tampa Jam LP.)


Sunset on the calm waters of Clinton Lake.


We appear to be on a moon of a gas giant planet.


If one uses one’s imagination..


There she goes..


6:15 PM Satellite Image.  Wildfire smoke plumes active in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and western Montana.  The smoke flows eastward, then abruptly turns southwestward as the flow around Irma is encountered.  This was concentrating the smoke aloft over much of eastern Kansas and adjacent areas late today, as the flow eastward was cut off by Irma’s circulation.


This abrupt change in the upper level winds over the center of the country as seen on tonight’s 500 MB chart (about 18,000 feet up).  Note three tropical disturbances:  One off the coast of California – the long-lasting remnants of once Hurricane Lidia – which is bringing unusual thunderstorms to central California this evening, Irma churning on over the Southeast and Jose caught in the doldrums out over the Atlantic.


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