And More Smoke for the Sunset Wednesday

Wednesday evening, September 13th:  The smoke continued to push slowly eastward into central Missouri and became a bit thicker over eastern Kansas today.  It was markedly warmer today with a high of 88 degrees.  Humidity was on the low side with a dew point near 60, but suddenly rising to the upper 60s at about sunset when it did feel more humid.  Skies were cloud free and winds were calm.


At 7:13 PM from Coon Creek Boat Ramp, about a mile west and a little north of my other sunset photos on Clinton Lake.  This is a fairly remote spot at the end of a rocky, dirt road.


A pelican surveys the scene.


Yep, its smoky (aloft) alright.  Just dusty at the surface.


Turkey Vultures and gulls hang out on distant snags.


Kind of like a sunset on Mars, except for all the water.


These blue dragon flies perch on shoreline rocks.


Going down, down, down, down..


Norman the Dog enjoys the sunset, too.


There’s that layered look again..


And there she goes..


A thicker swath of either cirrus or smoke bisects the giant orb.  I think its smoke.


Yep, it looks like smoke alright.. interesting how it converges in bands.


A lake view one way and a sunset view the other.


A dead calm evening under a cloudless sky as the sun slips below the horizon for the day.


6:15 PM on Wednesday, September 13:  The smoke has advanced across the northwest half of Missouri and is fairly thick across eastern Kansas and adjacent areas. The clouds of Irma linger to the east of Missouri while stronger winds aloft mix up high clouds and smoke from the Pacific Northwest to northern Minnesota.


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