Hazy and Warm Thursday

September 14th:  A hint of change – or at least some clouds..


Clouds and even some dissipating light showers were in the area at dawn Thursday, September 14th, as seen in this view of sunrise at the Baker Wetlands.


Shadows from the clouds create crepuscular rays through the smoky skies.


Scenic early morning light lasted quite a while out at the wetlands.


Sunset at Clinton Lake Thursday continued a familiar theme.. punctuated by a few small clouds and, yes, even a south breeze ruffling up the water’s surface.


There she goes again..


Thursday evenings upper air chart, showing the upper low that was off the California coast for several days now kicking inland across souther Utah as an upper trough digging into the inland Pacific Northwest digs down from Canada.  This trough is bringing some precipitation to western Montana, but whether enough to quell the wildfires remains to be seen.   The ridge over our area brought another warm day with a high of 89 and low of 56 at the Lawrence Airport.


6:15 CDT satellite image Thursday evening shows smoke advancing well across Missouri (dashed line) and fairly prominent over eastern Kansas and adjacent areas.  A lot more moisture is evident with a wave bringing thunderstorms to Utah and western Colorado that should influence our weather over the next few days.  Also, the kicker trough over the inland Pacific Northwest is generating a lot of clouds and some light rainfall in Montana.  Note also the big thunderstorm near International Falls, Minnesota along the international border.

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