Very Warm and Humid Thursday

September 21st:  A strong upper trough of low pressure continued to dig southward over California Thursday, pumping up a ridge of high pressure over the central part of the US. This brought continued very warm and humid summer-like conditions, tempered some by breezy south winds that resumed after Wednesday’s calm day.  The high at the Lawrence Airport on Thursday was 93 and the morning low 73.   The average dew point for the day was 74, ranging from a low of 72 in the mid morning hours to 76 around sunset.


Satellite image at 3:45 PM Thursday shows the strong, cold digging upper trough over California and Nevada bringing mountain precipitation to California and and an area of rain from eastern Nevada across northwest Utah, eastern Idaho and adjacent areas.  A capped cumulous field is over eastern Kansas.  TS Jose continues quasi-stationary southeast of Cape Cod, while Hurricane Maria comes into the picture just north of Hispaniola (lower right).


250 MB chart Thursday evening shows the strong, now closing off, upper low centered over eastern Oregon and pushing southward with a very strong jet stream from south-central California into northeast Montana.  This brings warm a southwest flow aloft over the central US with an upper high centered just to our southeast.


At the Baker Wetlands, just before sunrise, this heron had just swallowed a huge fish.  Intervening grass prevented me getting a clear picture until just after the fact.  The fish was swallowed hole and has just exited the herons throat.  This seems to have really raised its cackles.


Some clouds block the sun’s grand entry above the eastern horizon Thursday morning.


The sun only partially eclipsed here but soon to be completely covered again.


Some thin cirrus illuminated from below as the sun is blocked by a thin bank of clouds.


And we have ignition for the day..


The just above the horizon sun is blocked behind a tree trunk, allowing an unusual lighting angle of the dew-covered vegetation looking almost directly into the sun.


A white heron, for lack of an accurate description of the species at this time, surveys the scene.


A bee has a good time in a Hibiscus Flower.


Meanwhile, later in the day, it is fall like in Yosemite Valley following an inch of rain in the morning.  This is one of the Yosemite National Park webcams, this one at the old Awahnee Hotel.


From 8.500 feet up at Sentinel Dome, snow showers over the high country following snowfall earlier in the day.


And the view from Turtleback Dome looking east toward El Capitan (left) and Half Dome reveals the fresh aftermath of an early season cold front.


Surface depiction at 3 AM Friday, shows a strong southerly flow over Kansas which will bring very breezy and warm conditions today.


The early morning dew-point map shows high humidity (dew point of 70 or greater) pooling in the Missouri River Valley and over our area, with a diffuse dry line area over far western Kansas.  This moisture and warm air is not going anywhere until the digging upper trough, taking its sweet time out west, decides to start pivoting eastward.  This probably will not occur until early next week, with very warm, humid and breezy conditions to continue at least through Sunday, it now appears.

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