Good Rains Into Central Kansas – Not So Much for the East

September 25th:  As expected, upper level support was lost as the frontal band long approaching our area finally pushed into eastern Kansas Monday evening. While significant rains fell across western and central Kansas on Monday, it looks to be a light event for Lawrence and most of the eastern portion of the state.  This is typical for this kind of slow-moving and strongly digging trough over the intermountain west.  As the main part of the upper system finally ejects northeastward, upper level support and associated lift is lost as the frontal boundary continues eastward.  On the other hand, wide areas of western and central Kansas received a lot of ‘training’ rainfall as the active and moist frontal band pushed ever so slowly across those areas.


At 4:15 PM Monday, showers are pushing into eastern Kansas very slowly, with some build-ups seen to the north of Lawrence.  Unfortunately, the storm front was weakening rapidly as it pushed into the Lawrence area as upper support decreased,


Monday evening’s 500 MB chart shows the center of the upper trough moving northeastward over eastern Montana with the rest of the upper trough more spread out and less energetic.  A good slug of moisture is moving into our area, but upper support and lift from the western trough is now lacking.


At jet stream level, the more active and stronger jet is now east of the core of the upper low, extending across western Nebraska and into the Dakotas.  A blocking pattern continues to our east, with a weak upper low over the Florida panhandle and upper high centered over eastern North Carolina.  This is also slowing the eastward progress of the western trough and forcing the energy more northward than eastward.


No ‘sunset’ at the lake, but some decent-looking showers out to the distant west, though at this point there is still some question as to whether they will ever make it in across Lawrence. 



The turkey buzzards really seem to be enjoying the opportunity to soar.  They kept hanging over the same hillside along the lakeshore that was providing lift in the immediate post-frontal northwest winds.


Reminds me of the song ‘Sailing.’


Ominous looking, but harmless.


The Turkey Vultures (is that a Wall Street outfit?) soar against a backdrop of slowly building cumulous clouds and overcast alto-stratus.


 While the front may have been lacking in much excitement locally, the turkey vultures seemed to be enjoying the uplifting evening breezes.

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