Clearing Skies; Blocking Pattern to Bring Fair and Pleasant Conditions for Awhile

Wednesday, September 27th:  Cloudy skies with  sprinkles of rain this morning gave way to some sunshine by the late afternoon, and then even a nice sunset out at the lake.  A trace of rain was recorded in Lawrence this morning, while a few hundredths fell not far to our south and east.  Winds were light with little mixing of the air as surface high pressure descended over the area.  The high at the Lawrence Airport this afternoon was 68 and the low 58.  Normal for this date is 77 and 50.


At 9:45 Wednesday morning, skies were cloudy with some sprinkles in the area and a bit of light rain south and east of Lawrence.  Emporia and Johnson County Executive Airport both received 0.05 inches this morning.  Some rain continued in southeast Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas as a developing upper low over Arizona brought some lift to our southwest.  Maria continued to shear apart off the mid Atlantic Coast.


At 3:45 PM, skies were clearing from the northwest across our region.  Active showers developed from northern Arizona and southern Utah across New Mexico and some rain continued in Texas and Oklahoma.  Maria seems to be re-energizing a bit, perhaps off of the Gulf Stream.


Zooming in on the Northern Rocky Mountain region, skies have cleared enough to reveal the snow pattern over the mountains.  Early season snow covers the higher mountains across much of the region.  The mountains around Yellowstone National Park have an especially generous mantle of snow.


The 500 MB chart Wednesday morning shows a new upper low closing off over the lower Colorado River Valley as the upper trough that brought our rain swings rapidly eastward north of Lake Superior. As the low over Arizona closes off, a concurrent closed-off area of high pressure aloft is likely to form over the Pacific Northwest, resulting in stable ‘Rex Block’ pattern.


At jet stream level, a fairly strong southwest flow continues over our area as a low starts to pinch off over Arizona.  The southwest flow ahead of this new upper low center continued to bring some cloudiness to our region.  A closed off upper low is seen just west of the Florida Peninsula as well.   Could this lead to a new sub-tropical type system?


Out at Clinton Lake this evening, we had some color in the sky (and water) with the rainbow effect in the cirrus.


With calm winds, the turkey vultures were out on their lake-view perches again.


There was a bit of rainbow effect in the cirrus on the north side of the sun as well.


Pelicans made an appearance on the lake today, though I heard they have been around for at least a few days now.


This couple took time out from trolling for fish for some mutual grooming.


An interloper has decided to horn in.


A pinpoint landing!


But two is company, three is a crowd..


Lots of warm glow as the sun illuminates the bases of the high clouds from beyond the horizon.


The Turkey Vultures are still visible, with a few gulls in the water, too.


One member of our couple decides its time to take off for the roost.

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