Rex Block Out West to Bring Fine Fall Weather Conditions

September 28th:  It was a fine fall day this Thursday with sunny skies and light winds.  The high was 77 and the low this morning at the airport 46.  (At my residence, in town, the low was 50.)  Average for this date is 76 and 50.   There was a little patchy fog and a heavy dew early this morning.  Otherwise, humidity was fairly low with the dew point  in the lower to mid 50s through the daylight hours.


At 3:45 PM Thursday, clear skies prevailed across the eastern half of Kansas.  A closed off upper low centered over Utah was bringing a moist southerly flow northward up the high plains and over the southern and central Rockies resulting in clouds and showers in those areas.  Now Tropical Storm Maria is still in our image but accelerating to the east-northeast.  It is forecast to go extra-tropical and hit the British Isles around mid week next week.  A disturbance is moving southeastward across Minnesota but this will move across the Great Lakes in the westerlies.


On Thursday evenings 500 MB chart, a Rex Block pattern (a closed off high poleward of a closed off low) has completed its development over the intermountain west, while a short wave is traversing Minnesota poised to move eastward.  The blocking pattern out west will prevent much in the way of weather from intruding into our area for awhile.


At jet stream level this evening, a fairly strong southwest to west jet stream flow is over our area.  This may bring some high clouds at times, but the showers will stay west of us closer to the cut-off low and northeast of us in the westerlies across the Great Lakes.   The NWS is predicting a chance of showers Sunday (30%) when the cut-off low out west kicks off to the northeast, but this may be a fictional scenario produced by the models which tend to have difficulties forecasting very far out in blocking patterns.  Another weak cut-off low sits quasi-stationary west of the Florida Peninsula.  This system may bring some heavy showers to Florida over the coming days.


Out at the wetlands just before sunrise there was some  patchy fog and a heavy dew.


Our fine Heron friend is more concerned with breakfast than the coming sunrise. 


Watercolor effect. 


And we have ignition.


The ground fog is not long for this world.


It was a bright sunrise this morning, so that is the end of that.  However when I looked an hour or so later through my 10X eclipse binoculars, there were two very prominent sunspots on the sun’s southern hemisphere.


The sun now illuminates the the early morning scene. 





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