A Mild Early Fall Day

September 29th:  Friday started out with some mid level clouds, though these cleared out about midday and allowed temperatures to warm a bit more in the afternoon.  The high today at the Lawrence Airport was 81 and the low this morning 49.  At my residence, the readings were 81 and 54.  Normal for this date is 76 and 49.  Winds were very light.

The air was fairly dry with the dew point dropping into the mid 40s in the mid to late afternoon, before quickly recovering to near 60 after sunset on my home weather station.  This is something I have noticed lately – that the dew point temperature rises dramatically right around sunset in light wind situations, then drops a bit later in the evening but stays quite a bit higher than in the afternoon.  It must have to do with the evapotranspiration of the vegetation.


Some mid level cloudiness moved across northeast Kansas this morning but dissipated as it continued eastward. 


The upper air chart shows the ridge position in the southern stream almost over our area.  This   explains the clouds dissipating just to our east after they passed by, as this often happens downstream of a ridge position.  


At jets stream level, a fairly strong flow is over our area bringing up a bit of mid level moisture.  The Rex Block out west is prominent, but the low has moved a bit to the north and east since yesterday on both the 500 and 250 mb charts as a stronger upper trough approaches the Pacific Northwest Coast.  


The mid deck at 7:07 this morning, just before sunrise, in the vicinity of Iowa and 9th Streets in Lawrence.  The clearing line to our east pretty much remained there all morning until the clouds mostly cleared out about midday. 


By 3:45 PM Friday, clouds over far eastern Kansas had pretty much cleared.  There is quite a bit of clouds and moisture to our west and thunderstorms have blossomed in the 4-corners area.  The upper low center has moved into western Wyoming, as seen by the semi-circular cloud pattern around that area.  However, the associated upper trough appears to be acting on some subtropical moisture well south, across the northwest quarter of New Mexico. 




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