September Ends Warm and Dry

September 30th:  On Saturday, some mid level morning clouds gave way to mostly clear skies, much like what occurred on Friday.  The high at the Lawrence Airport, again like yesterday, was 81.  The low was a milder 54 with no dew at all noted this morning.  Average for this date is 75 and 49.  There was a bit of a south breeze today, but the dew point was still fairly low, dropping into the upper 40s in the late afternoon before recovering into the mid 50s around sunset.  Some mid and high clouds made their presence known in the west by sunset.


Friday, September 30th, at 7:10 AM, just before sunrise.  This was taken from (drumroll, please) the Parkway Plaza, at Kasold and Clinton Parkway in Lawrence.  Similar to yesterday, clear skies in the distant east allowed the sun to illuminate the mid-level clouds from below, offering some nice pre-sunrise color.


At 9:45 AM CDT Saturday morning, the mid level clouds continue as at sunrise over northeast Kansas, with clear skies to the east across Missouri.  An upper low over Wyoming is pumping moisture northward up the high plains from Mexico.


At 3:45 PM Saturday, the upper low that was over Wyoming in the morning appears to be accelerating toward western North Dakota, bringing some clouds with it.  Northeast Kansas is mainly clear.   Storms are again erupting over northwest New Mexico, just as on Friday.


At 500 MB Saturday evening a strong flow from the northwest pushes onto the west coast.  This is kicking our brief Rex Block upper low rapidly northeastward as a weak shortwave trough across North Dakota as a broad new upper trough develops out west.   This has already pushed the upper ridge well to our east over the Great Lakes region.  A light southwest flow with a bit of moisture at this level is over our area.


At jet stream level Saturday evening, a very strong jet is digging from off the Pacific Northwest coast into central Nevada.   A ‘sub-tropical’ jet lies just to our south.  A weak subtropical low that has been hanging west of Florida over the last several days is drifting westward now.  A peculiar thing, that little upper level circulation over the Gulf.


The last sunset of September.  A pleasant, dry southeast breeze was blowing with some mid and high level clouds in the western sky.


Our pelican friends have joined the turkey vultures and gulls out on the perches.


Some illumination continues as the setting sun is blocked by a distant mid-level cloud deck.


Looking southeastward, a gibbous moon is seen through some thin, sunlit cirrus in a wavy formation.



And in the distant northwest, what is this I see?  Why will wonders ever cease – some instability towering cumulous clouds.   The camera lens is zooming at a 1000 mm equivalent.   Satellite imagery reveals these distant cumulous towers to be located near Lincoln, Nebraska.


A beyond-the-horizon sun manages to cast a glow in the distant western sky.

Farewell to the tranquil skies of September.. at least in our area.



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